Switch, merge, and heap files.

Easily navigate to the cursor, start and end of documents, and switch foreward and backward between tabs. All of which are hooked up to egronomical controls.

Format and Conventionalize with PEP8.

Automatically format all your Python code with PEP8's coding conventions.


Easily change Arshi's colors with a straightforward theme syntax. Shortcut to change font.

Elegant, minimalistic, and robust design.

Minimal, Standard, and Full-screen modes


Focus purely on the code itself. No distractions.


Clear displays for line-numbers, position, and length.


Fullscreen mode for a sense of depth, and vitality.

Arshi+ - More power, less clutter

The first major upgrade will come this winter break. Arshi+ will support up to 50 recent files, and have slick autocompletion, debugging, and code context.

Ready to acquire?

Arshi is only available on Windows.


Donations are very much appreciated! Below is a list of what your contributions mean: